PRIME LEASING DIPLOMATIC AND STATE CUSTOMERS DEPARTMENT offers a long-term rent and sales of premium cars to embassies, consulates and other state institutions.


•   A professional service. We guarantee a flexible and high-quality service.

•   A wide range. We offer a particularly wide range of BMW cars. We have no doubt that you will find a model or a package among them which will meet your needs or suit the requirements of your company.  

•   Substantial experience. We cooperate with international BMW Group which can boast of decades-long experience in providing cars to special organisations. Their experience and competence guarantee our customers high-quality choice of products and services.

•   Superb driving experience. We guarantee you an extraordinary driving pleasure as we only offer brand new premium-class luxury cars.

•   Responsible consultations. Our extensive experience with diplomatic and state institutions enables us to provide consultations on any purchasing procedures.

•   Best prices. Through a close cooperation with a special BMW Diplomatic Sales program, we can offer our customers particularly competitive rent or sales prices.

•   Working for you. We always take care of the smallest detail, we can answer all your questions regarding cars and we will make sure that the car you are renting or buying will meet all your requirements. 


BMW Premium selection

Tai patikimi naudoti automobiliai.

„BMW Premium Selection“ programoje prekiaujama tik nustatytus aukščiausius reikalavimus atitinkančiais naudotais BMW automobiliais. 

Programos privalumai:Daugiau apie programą

  • naudoto automobilio gartantija;
  • dokumentuota automobilio ir serviso istorija;
  • 72 taškų patikra;
  • automobilio pakeitimas;
  • techninė pagalba kelyje;
  • automobilio pakeitimas;
  • išperkamosios nuomos ir finansavimo pasiūlymai; - automobilio atpirkimo/keitimo pasiūlymai ir k.t.